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A body protector can help prevent injuries in the event of a fall during cross-country riding or even a casual ride. Body protectors are essential for eventing.

Your body protector must fit perfectly. Too big and it'll be too loose to fulfil its purpose, while an overly tight body protector will be uncomfortable and restrict your movements. 

Modern body protectors have different adjustment options in both the shoulder and chest area, as well as on the sides or even on the back. You can use the size chart to select the vest according to your body size and adjust it to fit you properly. The body protector must fit snugly in order to protect you well.

If you are looking for an equestrian body protector, you will quickly realise that there are three different levels: Level I, Level II and Level III. These levels correspond to the protective function that the body protector can perform. Level I is the lowest level of protection, these safety vests are light and thin. They only provide basic protection.

Level II safety vests have a little more padding and are not too bulky, but they do not offer significant protection either.

The Level III body protector offers the most protection, with lots of padding and inserts to protect the back and chest even in the event of a fall from the horse.

A back protector protects your back in case of a fall. It should therefore not be too long, otherwise it will rub against the pommel of the saddle and irritate you rather than assist you. Of course, it should not be too short either, as you want it to protect your entire back in the event of a fall.

The best way to choose the right size of back protector is to use the size charts and take exact measurements.

The back protector, as its name suggests, only protects the rider's back. The back protector has padding and inserts on the back, thus it protects the spine all the way down to the lower back. It also protects the back from sharp objects or kicks after a fall.

The body protector, on the other hand, offers full body protection, as it is also padded on the sides and front. It therefore offers a higher level of protection, regardless of how you fall. Whether you choose a back protector or a body protector will depend on your personal risk assessment and your needs.