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Back on Track Knee Brace

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Back on Track Knee Brace


Inflammation can be one of the causes of knee pain. For example, the pain of knee arthritis is caused by inflammation in the knee cap surrounding the joint. Our Knee Brace is simply constructed and easy to use. It reduces pain and allows you to start exercising again, putting you on the road to a fast recovery. This model, without any strapping, has the shape and fit that allows you to wear tight-fitting trousers, such as jodphurs, over it. It is very comfortable to wear and particularly suits our older customers.

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Sklir ned

Valgte størrelsen ut fra back on track sin størrelsesguide. Denne knebeskytteren sklir ned og klumper seg i bakkant og blir derfor ubehagelig å ha på. Foretrekker heller knebeskytteren med skinner som ikke klumper seg.


Good fit. gives me the support that I require and also helps in the healing process. I would recommend back on track for both horse and rider.