Riding Bags

Riding Bags

Riding boot bags protect and store your favourite boots. These bags are great for personalising and transporting your equipment to a show or the stable, while keeping it clean and dust-free. We also offer other riding bags such as helmet bags, bridle bags or saddle bags.
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You can never have too many bags!

This doesn't just apply to handbags for everyday use outside the stable, but also to any bag that can come in handy in the stable. From grooming bags to boot bags, you'll find exactly what you need to keep your equipment safe and tidy in our shop. 

Boot bags - store your beloved riding boots neatly and securely

Boot bags keep your riding boots safe and are also perfect for transporting your boots to training or competitions. The divider in the middle prevents scratches on the boots, so they will last a long time and look neat and tidy. The edges of the bag keep your boots upright and prevent them from creasing, which could cause cracks in the leather in the long run. 

At last, tidiness in the tack room with bridle bags 

With a bridle bag, your bridle will look like new, because it prevents scratches, which can occur when transporting your equipment. With a bridle bag, your bridle is safely stored and at the same time, thanks to the carrying handle, can be easily transported or hung up in the trailer or tack room.

Bring order to your saddle pad collection with saddle pad bags

A saddle pad bag is specifically designed for the size of saddle pads and keeps your freshly washed saddle pads dry and clean. Thanks to the carrying handles and the shoulder strap, the saddle cloth bag is also comfortable to carry.

Riding helmet bags - The perfect protection for your riding helmet

Riding helmet bags protect your helmet from scratches and ensure safe transport, because it's not only falls that can damage your helmet. Careful handling of your protective equipment is particularly important for ensuring it can really protect you in an emergency.

Rug bags - How to keep your freshly washed rugs clean

The rug bag offers enough storage space for your freshly washed horse rugs. There is even enough room in the bag for your winter turnout rug. This way your rug will be kept dry and protected from dirt. Thanks to the practical carrying handles, you can comfortably transport the rug bag and take it with you to the show or pick up your freshly washed rugs from the dry cleaners. 

Other bags for everyday stable use

Grooming bags offer you the possibility to store your grooming tools, i.e. brushes, hoof picks, and care products in one place. The practical handles or straps make them comfortable to carry and the durable materials ensure that your grooming bag will last a long time. Belt bag, bum bag or mobile phone pouch, no ride should be without one. If you don't know where to put your mobile phone, keys, etc., these bags offer a great storage option that doesn't interfere with your riding or restrict your freedom of movement. With the equestrian ID holder, the ID card is well stowed away and easy to find. It also offers space for business cards etc. from the farrier, vet etc. So you have everything in one place and always ready to hand.