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Cavallo was founded in Germany in 1978 as a premier manufacturer of high quality riding boots. Cavallo boots are international leaders in the world of high fashion in the equestrian world. Cavallo boots are crafted of premium leather for impeccable style and quality and are sought after around the world as the ultimate choice in riding boots. After many years of dominating the riding boot market, Cavallo began to manufacture riding chaps, shoes and other boots with the same careful attention to detail and quality workmanship. Cavallo boots are manufactured with fine napa leather and include special details such as strong back zippers and decorative laces. Reinforced outer shafts provide support while allowing the rider’s leg to feel the horse. Choose field boots or dress boots for the perfect pair of tall riding boots. Paddock boots in brown or black leather with laces or zippers are a beautiful option to match with the many options of half chaps from Cavallo. This combination looks and feels like a traditional pair of long boots. The elegant leather of Cavallo boots is available in many colour choices in addition to the traditional black and brown. Stylish boots in blue or gray add a sophisticated touch to the incredible quality of these special boots.

A choice of riding clothes from Cavallo

Today Cavallo offers fashion for equestrians such as sportswear and breeches. down jackets and pullover sweaters are dirt and water repellent and will offer fashionable protection from the worst winter weather while looking stylish and crisp. The sporty style of Cavallo apparel is combined with careful attention to detail to provide high quality items for the most discerning riders. Show shirts are stylish and functional and offer a fashionable option beyond the traditional classic white show shirt. The breathable fabric and fine detail makes Cavallo show shirts the perfect choice for competition.

Cavallo breeches with Caja Grip

Cavallo breeches come in a variety of trendy colours and styles and include such fine details as added Swarovski crystals. The shaped waistbands of Cavallo breeches are comfortable and will provide plenty of range of motion. The innovative Caja grip material gives the full seat extra grip to keep you firmly seated in the saddle. Caja grip knee patches offer the same added grip to keep your knee comfortably in place when a full seat breech isn’t required. Whether you choose dressage or jumping, Caja grip adds just the right amount of hold to help you keep your position in the saddle. Sit tight with full seat breeches in the dressage ring, or r add a bit of knee grip as you rise from the saddle to clear big fences. Caja grip has the perfect amount of grip to offer security in the saddle.

Men's riding wear from Cavallo

Cavallo also offers a line of menswear, including breeches and show jackets for that formal look in the show ring. Outerwear such as down jackets and barn coats are classically styled for a professional, flattering look.

Cavallo is proud to sponsor the German Olympic Committee and the German national riding teams. Cavallo sponsors world class equestrians in a variety of disciplines around the globe. Horze is pleased to support the Cavallo collection and offer this quality line to its discerning consumers.