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Christ is a German family-owned business with worldwide distribution. They have been making high-quality leather and sheepskin products for over 50 years and since the beginning of the 90s have also provided a medical sheepskins product range. Their own tannery is one of the most modern in the world and it has received several awards from environmental organisations for its environmentally compatible production methods and its exemplary working conditions.
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Christ - Werner Christ Horse

Christ has become Werner Christ Horse. With this, the company wants to reposition itself in the globalised world and at the same time commemorate the founder of the company. Since the early 1950s, this traditional family business has been known for its sustainable production of high-quality sheepskin products. Thanks to decades of experience and expertise in medical tanning, Werner Christ Horse meets the highest quality standards. Sustainability is the guiding principle that runs through the entire production process. From its own eucalyptus forest and sewage treatment plant to the CO2-neutral wood chip combustion plant for energy generation, the company is extremely environmentally conscious. In addition to the focus on sustainable production, the durability of the products also plays a major role. Werner Christ manufactures products for the comfort of both horse and rider with the greatest care and attention to detail.

Sheepskin from Werner Christ Horse

The sheepskins used for Christ products come from Chile, Argentina and Australia. The animals are kept exclusively outdoors in the respective places, which results in the dense cuddly coat characteristic of Christ sheepskins. Thanks to the highest quality standards in the selection of the raw skins and the individual production steps, Werner Christ succeeds in producing high-quality sheepskins for equestrian sports. The slight yellow tinge of the products results from the medical tanning with the help of the ecologically harmless tanning agent "Relugan". This tanning method makes the sheepskins skin-friendly and very easy to wash: even after several washes, all the properties of the sheepskin are retained. Genuine sheepskin has an antibacterial, moisture-balancing, temperature-regulating, breathable, circulation-enhancing and self-cleaning effect. Thanks to the special tanning process at Christ, the skins are also odour-neutral.  

The right care for your Werner Christ sheepskins

Christ sheepskin products can easily be washed in the washing machine (30° wool wash cycle). It is best to use the Werner Christ C7 Sheepskin Detergent, which is very economical and environmentally friendly. A common fabric softener supports the elasticity of the leather. Afterwards, you can dry your sheepskin in the dryer at up to 40° C to keep it soft and elastic. Of course, you can also simply air dry your sheepskin, but avoid direct sunlight and nearby heat sources. To make the sheepskin really cosy again, you can comb it with a sheepskin brush afterwards.  

From sheepskin pads to sheepskin saddles - the Christ product range

Werner Christ mainly manufactures products for horses, but there is now also a small range for dogs and riders. Thanks to the beneficial natural properties of genuine sheepskin, they provide ultimate comfort for our beloved four-legged friends. Among the most popular and best-known products by the company are probably the sheepskin saddles and sheepskin pads. But the range also includes sheepskin neck pads that prevent the bridle or halter from rubbing and provide pressure relief. Also popular are sheepskin girths from Christ.

Christ Sheepskin Saddles

Christ sheepskin saddles are so-called treeless saddles. Thanks to the sheepskin on the underside, they can be placed directly on the horse's back without a saddle pad. The antibacterial, shock-absorbing and moisture-wicking properties of the sheepskin underside even make it perfect for direct contact with the horse. If you still want to use a saddle pad, there are saddle pads that fit the respective saddle model. The integrated front and rear pommel on the Christ Iberica Plus or the Cloud Special gives the rider considerably more support than on a bareback pad, such as the Christ Sheepskin Saddles Basic. Other models, such as the Christ Sheepskin Saddles Premium Plus, have additional pommels, which also help to give you a more stable seat.

Christ Sheepskin Pads

Sheepskin half pads from Christ are also very popular. Here too, the underside is made of real sheepskin, so that the sheepskin pad can also be used under the saddle pad, i.e. directly on the horse's back. The Christ Sheepskin Pads are not only used because of the characteristics of the sheepskin, but also to correct and dampen minimal pressure points of the saddle. (Caution: a saddle pad is not a substitute for a fitted).

Accessories made of sheepskin from Christ

Many horses tend to have sensitive areas, especially during the change of coat. The girth area is then quickly affected by rubbing. With girth protectors made of sheepskin from Christ, your girth will be softly padded and your horse will be protected from friction. The contour girths or moon girths with sheepskin from Christ are equipped with elbow room which gives the horse additional freedom of movement. Further accessories from Christ include various sheepskin protectors for bridles, halters or breastplates.