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Roeckl Foxton ROECK-Grip

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Roeckl Foxton ROECK-Grip


The world's most popular glove made from ROECK-Grip for riders! It is highly breathable, fits like a second skin and provides optimum grip on the reins.

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The world's best riding gloves! Very good fit, and a good selection of sizes and colors, so everyone will find one that fits. Although I am not good at taking care of gloves, everyone gets ruined after a short time - except these, have had mine for half a year and they are just fine. Cheap price to be of such good quality too!

Very comfortable and very durable

I ride my gloves everyday of the week and I enjoy it every time. They are so comfortable to ride with and on top of that they are very durable when you think about the delicious product it is made of. mine has been around for almost 3 years, with riding everyday.

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