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Horseware Amigo Bug Buster Vamoose

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Horseware Amigo Bug Buster Vamoose
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Horseware Amigo Bug Buster Vamoose


Supersized tail flap, leg arches, belly protection, classic front closure, shoulder and mane lining, three straight surcingles, removable neck cover, silver colour to reflect sunlight. Treated with Permethrin, which is found naturally in the chrysanthemum, which keeps all insects away. Withstands 25 machine washes.The levels of Permethrin we use in producing our Vamooseprodukter represents 0.5% of the total weight. This is extremely low compare to the used liquid spray products. There is the concentration most often up to 20 times higher. The level of Permethrin used in Horsewares Vamooseprodukter is just sufficient to provide the better insect protection while minimizing the risk to the environment.

Technical description:

Fabric: Treated with Vamoose Technology. Knitted polyester fabric is soft, absorbent and strong with sun reflecting properties.

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Very good product

After a disappointment with the Amigo Mio, I bought this shirt. She is well cut, resistant and the mesh is of quality. Beautiful finishes. Resisted a whole summer without problems. A good product that I recommend

Good tire

The tire is well on the horses out in the pasture, but is not made of as strong fabric as the Rambo edition of the tire, so I have already had to patch one because of the horses' play. However, it protects well against insects. The tire looks very tight but is airy and the horses do not warm when they walk. The only thing I wish I had was that the throats were longer.

Good cover against insects

The blanket is very good on the horses and sometimes not. Protects well from insects. But I have several horses that go together and it can't withstand violent play - I've had to repair one. The Rambo variant, which is similar in shape, is considerably more durable. Also wish the throats were a little longer. But all-in-all, a good cover for insects :)


Great for my horse who has dermatitis! There is just the neckline that goes down a little otherwise it is top!

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