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Racing Tack

Racing Tack

Racing carts and horse racing tack will get you to the finish line fast. The staff at Horze will help you find the perfect racing carts and tack for your needs.
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Racing carts from Horze are created by the masters of the sport.

Racing carts from Horze or Finn-Tack are the leaders in the industry. The well-crafted racing carts are designed to optimize your driving experience and keep your horse racing at his best. The carts from Horze include resistance carts and accessories such as seats and more. Choosing the best racing cart for you needs and budget are essential and the experts at Horze can guide you in the right direction. Accessories include items such as springs, shafts and hitch parts.

Horse racing tack is designed to work with the proper cart to give you top performance on the track.

Horse racing tack includes everything from blinds and bridles to ear plugs, bits and saddle pads. Outfitting your horse in the correct racing tack can mean the difference between first place and last. The bridles and blinds offered by Horze include saddle pads such as the PVC-based training choice. Choosing the right bridle is crucial and the choices from Horze include those such as a beautiful leather style. Finn-Tack is the leader in racing equipment and Horze is proud to offer guidance to choose exactly what you need to succeed on the track.