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GPA riding helmets combine safety with comfort and chic.

The GPA Speed Air and GPA First Lady riding helmets have excellent ventilation so that the helmet is comfortable to wear even during strenuous training sessions in the summer. Whether it's the ladies' version with polo visor or the children's riding helmet (GPA Jimpi), GPA offers the highest level of safety while looking classy at the same time. The soft leather-covered straps ensure comfort and prevent unpleasant chafing. The linings are removable, washable and replaceable if necessary

Extra safety with GPA Redline helmets

The 4S technology of the Redline helmet series from GPA consists of 4 shells. From the inside to the outside, the riding helmet is constructed as follows: A lining made of EPS foam absorbs impacts and thus reduces the risk of head and brain injuries. On top of this is the fibreglass reinforced main shell which provides stability and protection. The third layer reduces the impact force in the event of a fall, and the outer shell is made of an absorbent polymer that deforms in the event of an impact, thus absorbing the initial shock. The patented principle of this new generation of helmets doubles safety by gradually absorbing impacts through the layers. 

Safety standards of the GPA helmets

The GPA riding helmets comply with the safety standards UE2016/425, EN1384:2017 and the VG1 2014 standard. Please check the respective competition regulations of your country if you want to compete with the helmet.