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Karlslund Riding Equipment is the icelandic horse specialists. Since 1999 Karlslund has made both simple everyday products, as well as cutting edge innovations for the icelandic horse and its rider.The product range includes saddles, accessories, clothing, gift articles and much more. Karlslund is a Danish family owned and operated business, with all products developed by riders of the icelandic horse.
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Family-owned Karlslund Riding Equipment was founded in Denmark in 1999 to outfit Icelandic horses and riders with premium quality equipment to accommodate the climate and needs of this region. The equipment from Karlslund is specifically designed by riders of Icelandic horses to fit the individuals who ride these amazing horses and the horses themselves. Icelandic horses are strong, sturdy animals who perform with grace and speed as they travel over varied terrain while carrying adults and children alike. These horses are unique from any other so it is only natural that they should have a company dedicated to outfitting them and their riders.

The equipment from Karlslund is created to fit the size and accommodate the quick action gait of the Icelandic horse. Saddles from Karlslund are ergonomically designed to create the comfortable seat necessary to enjoy a ride on these dependable horses. Deep seats and rounded knee rolls add support to each carefully crafted saddle to ensure a comfortable fit for every rider. Choose the correct size saddle from Karlslund with a gullet to properly fit your horse. Karlslund offers a measurement tool to ensure your saddle fits perfectly. Flexible saddle trees and adjustable synthetic gullets make Karlslund saddles a nice option for the hard-to-fit horse. Add a stylish and functional saddle pad to your ensemble. The saddle pads from Karlslund are designed to fit these saddles perfectly. Finally, a Karlslund girth finishes the package for a complete set.

Accessories from Karlslund include everything from fancy nosebands to synthetic safety stirrups for a comfortable ride in the saddle. Bridles and halters are crafted from premium quality leather for soft comfort and style. The bitless bridle is a smart choice for riding with leverage and gentle pressure without a bit in the horse’s mouth.

Riders of Icelandic horses will enjoy a wide range of clothing styles and options. Jackets and sweaters to keep the elements at bay are a great choice for the cool climates of the Icelandic plains. Although most Icelandic horses develop long thick coats to protect them from the winter weather, rugs and blankets are created in breathable fleece and wool to keep these horses warm when necessary.

Karlslund Riding Equipment offers everything the rider of an Icleandic horse needs to enjoy the beauty and grace of these beautiful horses. The quality of Karlslund Riding Equipment is second to none in the world of the Icelandic horse sport. This family-owned Danish company continues to produce items of premium quality with the discerning Icelandic horse rider in mind.

Horze is proud to offer over 100 items from this prestigious brand to provide Icelandic horse owners with all of the necessary equipment for enjoying this delightful horse breed.