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Kavalkade - from Warendorf to the entire world

Since 1932, the Kavalkade brand from Warendorf has been developing and selling equestrian products. Founded at that time as a saddlery, the name is now known worldwide as a manufacturer and wholesaler. Kavalkade attaches great importance to functionality, wearing comfort and optimal fit for both horse and rider. All products are of high quality with superior workmanship, making them durable and strong.

Feel-good factor for horse and rider

As riders, the well-being of our four-legged partner is always close to our hearts, but comfort, quality and functionality are also of great importance to us as athletes. The Kavalkade range includes tried and tested classics as well as new innovative products which are developed in close cooperation with the community. The products are extensively tested by the employees themselves who are active in equestrian sports. Their excellent network also helps to rethink and improve what has already been tried and tested. To ensure the longevity of the products, the company chooses only high-quality materials. In addition to quality, functionality also plays a major role, because this is the only way to ultimately satisfy the customer. Here you will find bridles, girths, lunging equipment and much more from Kavalkade. For the rider we offer chaps and boots from Kavalkade.

The Best of Kavalkade

One of the most popular Kavalkade products is the Ivy bridle. This bridle is made of leather and has a wide, softly padded anatomical neck piece and a special noseband. The side straps are connected to the noseband in a bow shape and are firmly stitched so that sensitive nerve tracts in the mouth region are relieved.  This makes the Ivy bridle particularly suitable for horses that react sensitively to pressure. For even more pressure relief, the bridle is available with either sheepskin or KavalPren lining.