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Muck Boot
Muck Boot

Muck Boot

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With Muck Boots you''ll be comfortable in any weather.

The idea of Muck Boots was born from the omnipresent dirt (muck) that one encounters during daily work around the house and yard. Dirt and grime are of course not only present in dry conditions. When mucking out or on the way to the paddock after rain, waterproof shoes are often useful. This is why Muck Boots has set itself the goal of developing the world's best protection in combination with high comfort - no matter how adverse the conditions. 

Why Muck Boots?

100% dirt resistant, Muck Boots are made to work in dirt, mud, snow and water. They offer maximum comfort in wind and bad weather. Whether shoe, ankle boot or boots with or without a fleece lining, Muck Boots offers a wide range of wind and weatherproof footwear for men and women. There are even some styles for riding. The different styles are up for every task, so you'll have warm and dry feet in any weather. What makes them special? Muck Boots are made of a self-insulating and waterproof neoprene shell construction. This material acts as a neutral layer between the inside and outside temperature. In addition, neoprene is lightweight and super comfortable to wear. A layer of natural rubber serves as a protective shell for the boot. In addition, the toe and heel areas are reinforced several times and the shoes are extremely durable. The outsole is made of abrasion-resistant natural rubber and the rubber of the boots will not become brittle even after years. Whether it's for the house and yard, gardening, or walking the dog, with Muck Boots you are well prepared for all eventualities. 

Best of Muck Boots

The Arctic collection from Muck Boots is particularly popular and is available as a medium-length or tall boots. The line keeps you warm on cold days with its soft fleece lining. The different styles have special features like an antimicrobial foot bed, lightweight midsoles for extra comfort or pull-on tabs like in the Arctic Weekend or Arctic Adventure styles. The robust soles of the Arctic Sport also provide good grip in snow and ice. Find the perfect Muck Boots Arctic for the winter here.