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Horze Pelham Bit

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Horze Pelham Bit


Double-jointed Pelham bit is gentle yet firm.

The innovative design of the exclusive double jointed Pelham bit combines the traditional versatility of the Pelham cheek piece and double-jointed mouthpiece for a more gentle control. This bit includes a stainless steel curb chain.


  • Stainless steel double jointed bit
  • Gentle and comfortable with proper control
  • Stainless steel curb chain

Technical description:

Thickness: 21mm. C.L: 120mm.

Washing instructions:

Always wash a bit after each ride. Remove from bridle and soak in hot water. Use small brush to remove residue. Dry with clean towel.

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The horse loves it

My horse loves this bite. I used rubber ham before, but the horse didn't like it very well. This is thinner in the mouthpiece, and therefore better for small mouth horses.

My horse takes it great!

I bought this Pelham a few weeks ago and can only say that it is great. My horse takes it great. The dentition was actually just an attempt, because I wanted to test how my gelding also a Pelham reacts. I wanted to buy a more expensive afterwards. But the Pelham for 30 € is great. And you can clean it well. Too bad that no Pelhamriemchen are here. Unfortunately, you have to buy extra.


super fine bit, hard to find with other equestrian shops in 14.5 cm, therefore now ordered on the internet. huge fine bit which is super in the mouth

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