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Pelham Bits

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Pelham bits for horses offer a similar effect to Weymouth bridle, where two pairs of reins are buckled into one bit. The pelham combines the function of the loose ring snaffle and the Weymouth bit by buckling one rein into the lower ring of the bit.

Pelham - the horse bit for professionals

The Pelham bit is mainly used in advanced show jumping. It is a continuous or jointed bit with side bars and a chin chain, similar to a Weymouth bit. Like the Weymouth bit, the pelham has a leverage effect. When riding, two reins are clamped onto the bit. As it can have a harsh action, it is only recommended for experienced riders.

Horze Pelham bits are available in stainless steel, Sensogan, titanium, Aurigan and with a rubber part. Discover our large selection here.