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Roeckl - the brand for sports gloves of all kinds.

"Being innovative by tradition. Preserving what is tried and tested. Improving what is good!" This is the motto that Roeckl has stood for for six generations. Riding gloves from Roeckl fit like a second skin. This global company is family owned and prides itself on quality, workmanship, and durability - like a true market leader. Roeckl holds many patents for the most comfortable, well-made, lightweight, yet protective gloves on the market. From skiing and cycling to horse riding, Roeckl gloves are the first choice of riders and sports enthusiasts.

Roeckl has been around in Germany for over 170 years. Jakob Roeckl was a master leather tailor and founded this company in 1844, discovering a process for tanning leather to make it softer and therefore ideal for gloves. After many successful years producing sports gloves for skiing and cycling, riding gloves were introduced in 1978. In 1973 Roeckl patented a cut and style to save material at the finger seams, giving the world gloves that offered comfort and durability without being bulky. In 2000, the sixth generation, Stefan Roeckl, took over what is now Roeckl Sports in more than 60 countries and Roeckl has remained steadily at the forefront of the competition in premium gloves.

Roeckl riding gloves

Roeckl riding gloves are available in dozens of styles to suit every rider. The innovative Coldblack system technology allows you to wear dark colours without absorbing the sunlight and heat typically associated with black gloves. As a result, your hands stay cool and dry, so you will always have a firm grip on the reins and they don't slip through your hands. This unique, patented material keeps you comfortable and feels like a second skin as you make your rounds riding in any temperature.

Roeckl's colourful options offer just the right look for training or competition. Adjustable straps on the back of the hand and fasteners ensure the perfect fit and optimum comfort. There is a choice of leather, microfleece and many ventilated fabrics with plenty of stretch and flexibility. Primaloft and Polartec materials will keep you warm when riding in cold weather with the features you expect from a traditional riding glove.

The palm and finger grips of Roeckl gloves are designed for the rider and the placement of the reins and are specifically designed for the sport. Roeckl designers understand that gloves for skiing, cycling and riding all require different and unique hand positions and grips and these gloves are created specifically with each sport in mind. Unlike other manufacturers, Roeckl also understands that young riders need gloves made specifically for small hands. Instead of selling small gloves, Roeckl gloves for kids are uniquely made for children's hands, giving them the same level of comfort as the carefully crafted adult sizes.

Whether you're looking for the waterproof riding glove for everyday use, warm fleece gloves for winter or special, stylish gloves for competition, Roeckl Sports has the perfect gloves for you.