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Horze Portable Bucket Hook

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Horze Portable Bucket Hook


Every barn needs a bucket hook

A Portable Bucket Hook is a must have for your barn! No installation necessary. This metal hook simply hangs over any stall or box partition, making it a cinch to provide your horse with water. Great for holding water buckets up to five gallons of water.


  • Move wherever you need a helping hand
  • Slips over a stall or door!
  • Durable, holds up to 5 gallons of water
  • Great to use when traveling
  • No installation needed
  • Can hang on wall up to 4 cm thick


  • Very strong
  • Will hold a 5 gallon bucket of water
  • Fits 50517 Horze bucket.
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Mixed opinion

I bought 2 bucket hooks so I did not see them dragging anywhere except ... none of my buckets fit the hook. It does not need a handle with handle and without handle, the handle must be slightly curved in its center to be able to slide in the hook. So I deviated their use bag holder (bags of candy for horses, bucket with plastic handle, hay net, etc.) and cherry on the cake, I slip into the ring my scissors that I ' so always on hand and tidy! Ultra strong, an excellent product nonetheless!

Good if you do not have too thick box wall

Our box walls were too thick so I had to hang it in the window grid. Up to about 5cm, however, it works. The hook itself is a little too long, so this hook only works with such buckets with a small extra bow on the loop. You know, such bends as buckets with flat side have to hang firmly. Well, these are the buckets you usually hang around. But if someone wants to hang a black bucket, it probably can not do without sawing a small piece of the hook because then it works. Thinking about cutting a cm on the hook even though I have a bucket with a flat side for it has such a precise fit that you have to hold the bucket's handle straight up to be able to hang it. A little hard to aim so carefully with a full bucket. Seems very strong and solid, feels like it would hold for all my weight, even though it stands at 19kg. Perfect idea for anyone who is renting a place and does not want to ask to get hooks in the box! Recommended.


If it did not fit my box walls, it should perhaps appear that you should thin box walls, not normal

Smart solution

These are absolutely brilliant! Very smart to bring along rallies when the buckets need to be taken down and taken up many times. They are lightweight and take up little space. Good quality, too. Unfortunately, these did not fit the stables at home, but at conferences they are absolutely superb!

Brilliant device so simple

I bought the hook to put on the back of my trailer at competitions to save keep having to lift buckets to offer water frequently. This device just hooks on the bar on the ramp and then the bucket hangs from it No more worrying if he’s thirsty as he just helps himself !! Great value for money too

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