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Stable Equipment

Stable Equipment

Stable accessories and helpful equipment require constant care to ensure safety. We have fittings, stall locks, holders and other accessories to simplify your everyday stable life.
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Stable accessories - create a safe and clean atmosphere in the stable.

Keeping the stable tidy and in order is a must. Proper storage for all your items means your horse is safe and the risk of injury is minimised if it were to break out of its stall. Horze stable accessories are designed to help you keep your equipment clean and free from damage. Carabiners, suspension chains, stall curtains, cleaning products, tie rings, bucket holders, insect traps, signage, stall locks, hangers, rings and even webcams. The list can be extended with all the accessories you need to keep your stable in good shape.

A well-organised and equipped stable means that your horse has everything it needs for safety and comfort.

Provide buckets in each stall so your horses can have fresh water and feed as needed. A simple lead rope allows you to securely park your horse during daily grooming. Rubberised gloves make cleaning buckets of cold water a breeze in cold weather. An expanding and contracting hose makes washing horses and equipment easy. Horze offers everything you need to perfectly equip the stable.