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Electric Fencing Equipment

Electric Fencing Equipment

An electric horse fence keeps your horse safe without the need for permanent expensive fencing. Electric fencing for horses is also a great addition to existing structures.
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Electric Horse fences keep your equine safe and contained.

An electric horse fence is perfect for containing small areas or when you need a portable system. Electric horse fencing is great to reinforce an existing split rail paddock or along a busy road. Adding a jolt to remind your horse to keep away from danger is a smart idea to reduce the risk of escape or injury. Horses quickly learn to keep muzzles and tails away from electrically-charged fencing and will respect their boundaries. The electric fence can also deter unwanted visitors and keep your livestock safe and secure. Choosing electric fencing for your horses is a great alternative to an expensive fence of wood, PVC or other materials and makes a great temporary holding area.

Electric fencing for horses can keep your herd safe and reduce escapes.

Electric fencing for horses allows you to create a safe environment for your horse without the enormous cost of permanent fencing. Use electric fencing to contain horses or to split up existing turnout areas to allow for separate grazing and exercise areas. Electric horse fence can also be a smart choice to ensure your herd doesn’t get too close to a busy road or a high-traffic area around the stable. Horses are naturally curious and keeping a gentle reminder of a tiny zap between your horse’s safe space and the outside world can be a blessing and allow you peace of mind while your horse enjoys his daily turnout. Electric horse fencing can be installed easily and requires just a simple weatherproof battery to keep a low voltage charge in place.

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