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Horse Clippers & Trimmers

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Lister Blade Set A2/AC Medium, 2.5mm

Lister Blade Set A2/AC Medium, 2.5mm

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Lister Blade Set A2f/AC Fine , 1.4mm

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Lister Oil R15 - 250ml

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Clippers for horses

There are many different reasons for clipping your horse. In order to prevent it from becoming a stressful affair when your rented clippers fail to work properly, you should consider buying your own professional horse clippers. It can certainly make sense to rent a clipper for horses for a one-off clipping. However, if you want to remove the coat from your horse regularly, it is worth buying a high-quality model, such as the Aesculap clipper, a Wahl clipper for horses, a Lister clipper or a clipper from Oster.

Good reasons for clipping your horse 

As winter slowly approaches, the question arises again in many stables: Should I clip my horse? And if so, when should I clip it? On the one hand, you want to interfere as little as possible with the horse's thermoregulation, but on the other hand, you also want to maintain your riding routine in winter. Therefore, the question cannot be answered in a general way, but there are some good reasons for clipping horses:

  • A clipped coat dries faster
  • A clipped coat is easier to care for
  • Clipped horses sweat much less 
  • A clipped coat protects against overheating 
  • Clipping can be an important supportive measure for older horses and horses with metabolic diseases such as Cushing's disease. 

The right time to clip

Once the decision to shear has been made, it remains to be clarified when clipping should take place. In winter, the best time is usually late October to early November. Ideally, the winter coat is already fully developed, so sometimes a single clipping over the winter is sufficient. Depending on the growth of the coat, however, it may make sense to clip the coat again in January or February. For competition horses, it is also common to clip regularly throughout the year. And regular clipping can also be a relief for horses with metabolic diseases or senior citizens.

Covering and clipping horses
The horse's coat protects it from wind and rain. If the coat is partially or completely clipped, a horse rug is indispensable, especially in the cold months. Depending on the clipping, the husbandry conditions, the horse's state of health and the weather, different types of rugs and linings make sense. Before choosing the right rug, however, it is first necessary to find the right clipper.

The best clippers for horses

There is now a wide range of different clippers. There are cordless clippers for horses, corded clippers, extra small clippers for horses and very quiet clippers for horses. Which one is the right one depends on the exact area of application on the horse, on the local conditions and above all on the nature of your horse. 

Cordless clippers or corded clippers 

If you have access to a power socket in the stable, both devices are basically suitable for you. The advantage of a cordless clipper is that you don't need a power outlet and can work with it practically anywhere. If you want to clip your horse in an open stable, you can usually only use a cordless clipper. As a rule, clippers for horses without a cord are lighter and are in no way inferior to those with a cord in terms of performance. Another advantage is that rechargeable clippers are very quiet, which is why they are often used for sensitive horses. Because of this feature, cordless clippers are also suitable for clipping the head. However, you need to charge the battery first, which can be a problem when you have more than one horse to clip or if you want to clip spontaneously. In this case, a classic device with a cord is more practical. The clear disadvantage of a corded clipper, however, is that you need a power socket and have to constantly look after the cable.

Large and small clippers for horses

There are large and small clippers for horses, the small ones are also called head clippers. They are light and portable, so you can work with them more precisely. The head and legs of the horse are best clipped with a small clipper or trimmer. They are also excellent for clipping patterns into the horse's coat and as clippers for dogs. Large clippers for horses are ideal for areas such as the neck, belly, back and croup. With their much wider blades, they can powerfully shear through any coat, no matter how thick. 

At horze you will find a large selection of different clippers and spare parts for clippers from high-quality brands such as Clipster, Kerbl or Sprenger. Since an intensive grooming session is necessary after every clipping to remove the clipped hair, we also have the right grooming tools. To make sure your horse doesn't catch a cold afterwards, you can also find all kinds of horse rugs, from cooler rugs to super warm winter turnout rugs