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Horse Feeders & Waterers

Horse Feeders & Waterers

It's important to keep the horses' troughs clean and offer each horse its own to ensure optimal health for the animals. Watering troughs can always provide fresh, clean water on demand when the animals are thirsty.
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Horse feed troughs keep grain off the ground and your horse happy

A properly placed horse feed trough is a clean, safe way to give your horse its daily rations. Horze's options are easy to clean and provide a natural method for daily feeding. Strong, sturdy plastic troughs are ideal for providing grain and supplements. Portable options such as hanging buckets are ideal for feeding in the pasture. A simple plastic feed bucket placed in the stable is easy to handle and can hold a lot of feed, allowing your horse to have large portions. Hay nets and hayracks keep hay off the ground but still within reach. The solid construction offers a safe alternative to feeding from the ground and keeps your horse from picking up dirt. Hay nets are also a smart choice in trailers and can be easily transported wherever you travel.

Water your horse with ease with buckets and watering troughs for every need

Horse waterers provide an automatic water supply. A clean flow of water allows horses to drink at will, but don't give you an overview of the actual intake. A simple sturdy plastic tub is a traditional option if you want to know exactly how much your horse is drinking. A stable can never have enough water buckets and Horze has them in different colours and styles to suit your needs. A solid, sturdy plastic bucket is ideal for winter cold or summer heat and won't bend or break. A flat-back bucket holds 19 litres of pure, clean drinking water to quench your horse's thirst. The plastic construction is easy to clean and can be easily mounted in the stable with a hook.