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Farrier Tools

Farrier tools are specifically designed for all of your horseshoeing needs. Stable tools such as rasps, pincers, hammers and knives are available here.

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Farrier tools help maintain your horse’s hooves.

Farrier tools from Horze are offered for professionals and amateurs alike. While proper shoeing and farrier care is best left to a professional, keeping a set of pincers or a rasp on hand to help with an emergency or to fix a loose shoe is a wise idea. A simple farrier hammer can help you tap a loose nail into place until the farrier can arrive to fix it properly. Pulling a dangerously loose shoe can mean the difference between a safe, barefoot horse and a visit from the vet. If your horse’s shoe comes loose enough to cause damage, with proper instruction, you can remove it safely until the vet or farrier arrives to repair the hoof.

Stable tools are a must for the tool kit around the farm.

Keep your stable running smoothly with tools to keep your horses safe and sound. A good set of hoof testers can be used by the trained barn owner to check for lameness and determine if a visit from the vet is required. A simple set of hoof testers can help determine if you horse is sound to ride and can help eliminate future lameness. By clamping the sole of the hoof and applying gentle pressure, the hoof tester can help pinpoint a sensitive spot on the hoof or identify an abscess. Adjust stirrup leathers, halters and other adjustable straps with a handy leather punch. The leather hole punch is adjustable to five settings to allow you to insert the exact size hole you need. This tool is ideal for creating a custom fit on anything from belts to stirrups leathers to spur straps.