Horse Water Buckets & Waterers

Horse Water Buckets & Waterers

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Horze Bucket
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Horze Bucket

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Kerbl Feed and water bucket FlatBack ca. 20L


Kerbl Feed and water bucket FlatBack ca. 20L


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Water buckets for horses are an essential item in the stable.

Keep fresh water close to your horse at all times to maintain the horse's health. Horses need a lot of water for their overall and digestive health. Therefore, you should provide plenty of clean water at all times.

Some horses prefer to drink from a bucket of water rather than from a waterer. Therefore, hang a bucket full of water in the stall overnight. The flat back of water buckets allows them to be placed flat against the stall wall so that they stay in place and do not swing around while the horse is drinking. Flat-back buckets are available in rubber or plastic. The soft, flexible rubber will not break in cold temperatures and remains flexible. A great, very versatile option is the collapsible water bucket from Horze. Take this handy plastic bag with you everywhere. It saves space and at the same time holds plenty of fresh water that you can offer your horse on journeys.

Horse waterers - a convenient way to offer fresh water throughout the day

Some horse owners prefer the convenience of an automatic horse waterer, which eliminates the need for constantly filling water buckets. Horses can provide themselves with water whenever they want, day or night. Horses will quickly become accustomed to drinking from the automatic waterer and learn that the water will flow when they touch the waterer with their mouth. While this is an easy solution for you, you will not be able to tell how much water your horse is taking in per day and therefore will not be able to detect a possible problem.