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Mains Energisers & Battery Energisers

Electric fence chargers provide continuous power to ensure your electric fence is powered and will work as expected when needed. Keep your electric fence ready to work with a quality energizer.

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Electric fence chargers keep your paddock surrounded.

Maintain your horse’s safety and security with a high quality electric fence charger. Be sure the voltage is safe and effective to ensure your horses’ protection while keeping intruders and unwanted roaming animals at bay. A safe electric fence charger will keep the wire and tape charged with enough power to induce a brief, safe, humane shock while teaching your horses respect. Once your herd knows its boundaries, they will graze and relax in safety and freedom.

Electric fence energizers are specifically designed to keep your horses safe and secure.

Provide a safe enclosure for your horses with a high quality electric fence energizer and ensure your peace of mind. Line an existing fence with a row of electric wire or tape to reinforce the fence line. Electric fence can also be safety used for temporary paddock on its own or even to enclose a small piece of land for short-term grazing. When your electric fence is safety charged with an energizer, your horses will be contained safely and will be protected from escape or unwanted visitors.

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