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Headcollars & Halters

Headcollars & Halters

Horse halters  and headcollars are available in leather, rope or nylon to suit your individual requirements. Rope halters are excellent training aids, while traditional leather horse halters are both safe and attractive.
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Frequently asked questions about Headcollars & Halters

Every horse needs at least one stable and pasture halter at a minimum, and ideally more than one. This is the halter that is used to lead and tie the horse. These halters are available in nylon, rope or leather. Nylon or rope halters are inexpensive, robust and easy to clean.

Leather halters look impressive, but are more sensitive and need to be cleaned with special care products. They are not really suitable as pasture halters, as the leather will quickly become brittle with regular exposure to wind, rain and sunlight. If your horse has sensitive skin, consider buying a padded halter.

A safety halter has Velcro fasteners that immediately release if the horse panics. However, this can also be dangerous. For example should your horse become frrightened and jump to the side, the halter will open.

The knotted halter originated in western riding. It is not suitable for tying your horse. A knotted halter is used for leading or lunging, and sometimes also for riding.

The halter must fit the properly. If it is too small, your horse will find it extremely uncomfortable. It will then try to take it off by rubbing against fence posts or similar. If, on the other hand, the halter is too big, there is a risk that your horse will get caught on feeders, fence posts, etc. 

Halters are available in at least three sizes: pony, thoroughbred and warmblood. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be other sizes as well. Most pasture and stable halters are adjustable in length and width with two buckles. The noseband should reach down to your horse's nostrils. It must rest at least a finger's width below the cheekbone to prevent chafing.

Adjust the width of the halter so that there is room for two or three fingers between the horse's nose and the noseband. For grazing, it is better to tighten the halter a little. There should also be at least two fingers between the throat strap and the lower jaw.

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