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A suitable saddle for your horse is the basis for riding it properly. Equestrian saddles are available for a wide range of disciplines, from the classic general purpose saddle to dressage, jumping and western saddles.
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Saddles - basic equipment for riding

Choosing the right saddle is important in order to have good stability on your horse. A saddle is also important for maintaining communication between rider and horse. You can only achieve maximum performance if the saddle fits both horse and rider correctly. The design of the saddle differs depending on the riding discipline.

The different types of saddle

Choose a saddle that suits your particular riding discipline. 

Dressage saddles

A dressage saddle has a much deeper seat, and the pommels and saddle flaps are also much longer. Dressage saddles provide a good balance while sitting and allow better contact with your horse.

Jumping saddles

Jumping saddles have a much flatter seat and more forward saddle flaps, and the pommels are also more pronounced. Jumping saddles have the function of giving you stability and support in the saddle while jumping, without restricting your freedom of movement. 

General purpose saddles

All purpose saddles are true all-rounders, they can be used for different disciplines and riding styles. You can use an all-purpose saddle for dressage riding as well as for cross-country riding.

Treeless Saddles & Bareback Pads

Bareback pads do not have a fixed saddle tree and therefore offer direct contact with the horse. A special form are treeless saddles, which have no saddle tree.

Trail saddles

Trail saddles are specially designed for longer distances. They offer optimal pressure distribution and have a large surface area. Trail saddles often come with a feature to easily attach luggage - useful on rides lasting several days.  

Racing saddles

Racing saddles are mostly used for trotting and carriage driving and are characterised by their light weight and small size. In horse races, they can give the jockey a decisive advantage.

Icelandic Saddles

These saddles are specially designed for Icelandic horses. They have a special shape and size and are perfectly adapted to the physique of Icelandic horses. 

Choosing the right saddle

Of course, the first thing you have to like about a saddle is its appearance, but once you have decided on a type of saddle, you should also consider other criteria, because the saddle must not only fit you, but also your horse. 

Important criteria for choosing your saddle are:

  • Shape and size of the saddle tree and gullet plate.
  • Size and spacing, as well as the angle and, of course, the padding of the saddle panels.
  • Size and shape of the seat
  • If applicable, the availability of suitable saddle accessories.

Saddle Accessories 

Horze offers you a wide range of accessories for your saddle, including saddle covers and seat covers made of different materials such as sheepskin. For mounting your saddle, we offer saddle holders that you can attach in the stable. These and more can be found in our shop.

Horze offers a wide variety of riding saddles

Our collection includes high-quality saddles from Horze, but also from other top equestrian manufacturers, such as dressage saddles from Wintec and saddles for other disciplines from Zilco. We also offer sheepskin riding pads from Christ. If you are riding an Icelandic horse, Icelandic saddles from Karlslund are the ideal choice, as these saddles are specially designed for Icelandic horses.

Horse saddles come in different designs, colours and styles with specific functions. The most popular types are general purpose saddles, dressage saddles and jumping saddles or trail riding saddles. Depending on which discipline you ride, you should choose the appropriate saddle.

The saddle must fit both the rider and the horse properly. If there is excess pressure on your horse, this can cause tension, which in the long run can lead to back problems for the horse. If the saddle does not fit the rider properly, you will not be able to give your horse correct signals, as it will block the horse's movements.