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Stirrup Leathers

Stirrup Leathers

Stirrup leathers are an often neglected and yet so important part of your saddle. Apart from the traditional designs, popular styles include mono stirrup leathers for the Monoblate saddles and stirrup leathers in different colours or with pretty accents.
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Do not underestimate the importance of stirrup leathers.

Stirrup leathers are an essential part of your riding equipment that is often overlooked, but is nevertheless important.

Choose the elegant, traditional stirrup leathers in simple black to match your saddle, with easy-to-read numbering so you can easily lengthen and shorten them without having to search for them. Alternatively, a mono stirrup leather with a sophisticated locking system and optimum protection so as not to damage your saddle. Another option is brown stirrup leathers, to match your brown riding boots or brown saddle. Stirrup leathers are often misunderstood and forgotten, yet they are so important.

We put stirrup leathers in the spotlight, with styles featuring crystals and trendy colours. We even have stirrup leathers made of patent leather.

There is no real rule of thumb for the correct length of stirrup leathers. A common way to determine the right length in advance is to position the stirrup leathers away from the saddle and along your arm. For the length to be roughly right, the end should be at your armpit.

After mounting, however, you should check this again, according to the discipline you are riding. If the stirrups are set a little shorter for jumping, you may want to adjust them for dressage, where it's important that they are neither too short nor too long.

Stirrup leathers in English riding are attached to the saddle and extend downwards, but not all stirrup leathers can be combined with all saddles.

The stirrup leathers on monoblate saddles are designed a little differently from those on other saddles. You must use stirrup leathers that are specially designed for this type of attachment. In addition, one-piece stirrup leathers feature special protection to protect the saddle from damage, which you don't need with wraparound stirrup leathers designed for double flap saddles.

The stirrups themselves, on the other hand, can be combined with all stirrup leathers, you just have to make sure that you attach your stirrups properly to the straps so that you can rely on them in any situation.