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Horse Hoods

Horse Hoods

Horse hoods are the perfect addition to your horse rugs. Winter rugs, turnout rugs, fly sheets, exercise sheets and even cooler rugs can all be supplemented with a hood. The horse hood extends the function of the respective rug to the horse's neck and head.
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Add a hood to your horse rug for additional functionality.

The various horse rugs that you can find at Horze can often be fitted with an additional neck piece or horse hood to extend the rug's coverage.

In the case of fly rugs, the additional hood extends the protection of your horse against flies to the neck. You can also attach a neck piece or hood to riding rugs (with a Velcro fastener, for example ) thus extending fly protection and ensuring a more comfortable ride for you and your horse,.

With both cooler rugs and winter rugs, a hood offers a significant advantage. You won't have to put your horse back into the stable with a wet neck, and the hood connected to the cooler rug significantly reduces the risk of illness.

Combining horse rugs with a hood can make all the difference. 

The neck pieces or hoods are usually attached with Velcro to the rest of the horse rug at withers height and are also fastened along the neck. Sometimes there's also the option of attaching the neck piece to the halter with Velcro so that everything stays put.

Of course, you can also find high neck horse rugs at Horze, but to add additional protection to an existing horse rug, opt directly for a matching hood or neck piece from Horze. 

A horse hood can fulfil a variety of different tasks. In the case of a fly sheet with a neck piece or hood, it serves to protect the horse's neck from flies and other annoying insects. The same applies to the hood attached to an eczema rug. In this case, protection against biting insects is particularly important. In the case of a rain sheet, the neck part serves to protect the animal from rain.

In winter, you can buy a horse hood for a winter rug to protect your horse from the cold. Of course, this is especially important for a clipped horse, but old or sick animals can also benefit from it.

With a clipped horse, you must simulate the function of the horse's coat by using appropriate rugs. If your horse is also clipped at the neck, it is advisable to use horse rugs with a neck piece or hood. However, not every horse likes such a neck piece. If you are not sure about your horse's neck, it is best to buy a rug with a removable horse hood.

A cooler rug with a neck section makes sense. You can use it with a clipped horse for the warm-up phase as well as for dry riding. Such a rug is also helpful if your horse has to stand around for long periods of time, for example at a show. It is also often used as a transport rug.