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Medium & Heavyweight Turnout Rugs

Medium & Heavyweight Turnout Rugs

Medium and heavyweight turnout rugs are ideal for horses that want to enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle even in winter. heavyweight horse rugs come in many styles, from medium turnout rugs to heavyweight rugs with lots of padding and lining.
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Frequently asked questions about Medium & Heavyweight Turnout Rugs

The recommended filling weight for a winter turnout rug depends on various factors. Is your horse clipped? Is it old or sick? Is it stabled in a box or in an open stable? The usual minimum weight is a 200g winter turnout rug. Of course, there are more factors that affect the choice of rug, as different horses have different needs. A 200g winter rug is normally intended for a horse that is not clipped and is kept in a stall. If your horse has developed a very thick winter coat, it would need a thinner winter rug; if the horse is clipped, the filling of the rug needs to be thicker - for example 400g.

It is important that your horse neither sweats nor feels cold under the rug. In addition, the horse's winter turnout rug must fit properly and snugly. A winter rug that is too small will quickly cause chafing. If the rug is too big, there is a risk that it will slip and your horse will get trapped in the rug.

For a clipped horse you usually need more than one turnout rug. As soon as the outside temperature drops below 10°C, you should put a 200g winter rug on your clipped horse. If it gets cold quickly or is often exposed to wind, a 250g filling may be better. If the temperature drops below 5°C, a clipped horse needs a rug with at least 300g of filling.

Winter rugs with these thick fillings are often offered as thermal rugs for horses. When the temperatures rise again in spring, the rug filling should also become lighter again. However, if the outside temperatures climb above 10°C, you should not leave your horse without a rug overnight. An unlined horse rug is a good solution for the transitional period between seasons. 

Deciding whether a horse needs a winter blanket is often a question of faith. Clipped, sick and old horses should obviously be covered. Some riders cover their horses relatively early in the year in the hope that they will then develop a lighter winter coat. Others are of the opinion that a healthy horse is sufficiently protected against the cold by its winter coat. This is true for many ponies and robust breeds from northern countries. Other horses are well protected against the cold by their winter coat, butin cold, windy weather, they will quickly become cold. If your horse is kept in an open stable or spends longer periods of time in a winter pasture or paddock , you should get it a medium or heavyweight turnout rug.

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