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Over Reach Boots

Over Reach Boots

Over reach boots or bell boots are the ideal protection for preventing a horse from digging its hind hooves into the pasterns while exercising or spending time in the pasture. They also prevent the horse from kicking its own hooves.
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Horse over reach boots are the perfect protection for the sensitive heel area.

Use bell boots on your horse's front legs to protect the hoof area and prevent the horse's horseshoes from coming off. The sensitive heel area can be bruised or damaged by the horseshoes of the hind legs if the horse reaches into the front hooves with its hind hooves. To prevent this type of injury, over reach boots are a great option.

Avoid costly visits to the farrier and ensure horseshoe protection. Over reach boots are ideal for preventing shoe loss.

Over reach boots for horses in a variety of styles and designs

Bell boots for horses are available in rubber for long-term use. Prevent the boots from getting lost in the pasture by having no fasteners on the boots, as those could come undone accidentally. Over reach boots for daily training are available in different colours and have a Velcro closures for easy use. Try faux fur lined overreach boots which protect the fetlock area and provide additional comfort. Traditional ribbed, soft rubber over reach boots, with or without fasteners, are available in classic styles. Neoprene over reach boots are soft, flexible and durable. Choose over reach boots with anti-twist features and the Horze logo to protect in style. Apart from our own brand products, we stock over reach boots from leading brands such as LeMieux, Eskadron, Veredus and Acavallo.

Over reach boots serve to protect the heels of the front hooves. Horses with long strides or young horses that are not yet properly balanced will easily kick their hind hooves against their front hooves. This can lead to serious injuries to the feet, especially if the horses are shod. Shod horses can also knock off the shoes of their front hooves in this way.

There is also an increased risk of such kicking when jumping or playing polo. The over reach boot is also often called a jumping bell boot, or bell boot. It is made of leather, synthetic leather, rubber or neoprene. The upper edge is often lined with synthetic fur or sheepskin to prevent chafing.

Theoretically, every bell boot can perform this protective function. However, it is important that they fit properly. Boots that are only meant to protect against kicking are usually designed so that they finish a finger's width from the ground. However, if the bells are to protect the shoes from being kicked, they must reach down all the way to the ground. This exposes the bells to more wear and tear and causes them to get dirty more quickly. Therefore, you should choose a style that is machine washable.

A double Velcro fastener is also a good choice because these fasteners are usually the first to wear out. To ensure a proper fit, choose a size that allows the bell boots to rotate easily when closed. If the bells are too tight, they will quickly chafe. If they are too big, they will hinder the horse's movement.