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Fetlock Boots

Fetlock Boots

Fetlock boots are put on the horse's hind legs to prevent injuries caused by the horse's legs brushing against each other. You can find a wide range of boots here.
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Frequently asked questions about Fetlock Boots

Fetlock boots are a form of horse boot designed to protect your horse against injuries caused by brushing, i.e. touching one leg with another. If your horse is prone to brushing, fetlock boots are a good solution.

Fetlock boots are reinforced on the inside to protect the fetlock joint, and they are more flexible than standard horse boots. The boots are also available in synthetic material, as the wear is lowest here, but due to certain material mixtures they are more flexible than, for example, common hard-shell boots.

When putting on fetlock boots, as with all other horse boots, make sure that the side fasteners are always on the outside. This prevents your horse from accidentally opening the boots and losing them. If the fasteners are on the inside, they could also get caught in each other and your horse could stumble.

The boots must fit snugly on the fetlock head in order to protect it properly, and the carpal joint must always remain free. The fasteners, whether Velcro or buckles, should not be tightened too much so as not to cause friction or pain, nor should they be too loosely fastened, as that could cause slipping.

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