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Zandonà began life in 1985 conducting Research and Development of solutions for plastics-technology. Since 2005 the Zandonà brand has delivered products with a guarantee of competence and professionalism in the implementation of PPE for equestrian use, exclusively designed, certified and produced in Italy. The experience gained over time allows the company to offer innovative products, high in quality and covered by a functional design.
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Italian manufacturer Zandona, produces personal protective equipment for horse and rider to ensure safety and protection throughout all phases of competition and pleasure riding. Zandona uses innovative technology and superior plastic materials to protect horse and rider from the demands of equestrian sports.

Zandona has supplied safety vests for the active rider and protective boots of exceptional quality and construction for the horse since 2005. This Italian company was innovative in developing research and development in plastics technology beginning in 1985. The unique design of these products provides ultimate protection of the spinal column from the knocks and falls that can commonly occur in this demanding sport. Personal protective riding vests are a must have item for the active rider and can cushion and protect the back, spine and chest from the dangers of accidents and falls while in the saddle. Correct lumbar support combined with highly-breathable, antibacterial materials make these vests ideal for all disciplines. These vests are CE approved EN 1621-1, Level 1 to adhere to proper safety standards for the demands of all equestrian activities. The shock absorbing qualities of these special vests are combined with the hexagonal design to maintain plenty of range of motion and avoid interfering with the active rider. The plastic plates are designed to withstand impact, penetration and puncture from outside elements while maintaining the integrity of the materials. The protective system will not splinter or crack and the plastic plates are ventilated, yet strong, to provide exceptional ventilation and comfort. Removable suspenders on some models of protective equipment are easy to adjust and will provide a custom fit for most body types. The antibacterial function aids with maintaining comfort and cleanliness and will withstand routine cleaning to keep the vests looking and feeling like new. The fastening system at the waist is highly adjustable and eliminates back discomfort while providing flexible support. Once you experience the comfort and peace of mind from personal protective equipment from Zandona, you will never ride in anything else.

Protective fetlock and galloping boots from Zandona are designed to protect the horse from the rigors of jumping and speed and are ergonomically designed to form to the delicate joints of the jumper or eventing mount. These boots are created with a gel padding and Neoprene support while some styles include carbon fiber to thermally insulate the joints from friction and impact. The carefully calibrated closures are easy to fasten with a quick-release system and can be replaced as necessary due to regular use and wear. The double locking system prevents mishaps from loose boots to aid with safety. Protective boots with natural lambskin lining are offered for horses with sensitivity or those who wish to provide additional comfort to the legs. The highly protective features of Zandona protective boots will reduce stress and strain on the active horse and will protect from impact and collisions in any discipline. Flexibility and protection of delicate tendons is the ultimate goal of a properly constructed protective boot and Zandona has a variety of styles and models to find the perfect choice for your needs. The safety of a highly protective boot like Zandona versus a loose bandage or less sturdy boot will convince you to choose Zandona protective boots every time.