Icelandic Saddle Pads

Icelandic Saddle Pads

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Karlslund Adjustable saddle pad, cotton
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Karlslund Adjustable saddle pad, cotton

RRP: £54.99
Karlslund Saddle pad, cotton
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Karlslund Saddle pad, cotton

RRP: £49.99
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Icelandic saddle pads - small and compact, just like the horses they're designed for

Saddle pads for Icelandic horses are perfectly adapted to both the physique of the Icelandic horse and the special saddle. An additional cushioning and shock-absorbing memory foam insert in the saddle area ensures optimum pressure distribution.

The anti-slip inserts and the anti-slip coating on the underside of the saddle pads help keep your saddle in place.

Thanks to the specific fit provided by these saddle pads, you won't have a problem finding the right saddle pad for your Icelandic horse.

Compared to a larger horses, Icelandic horses have special requirements. Their saddle, for example, is shorter, in order to lie comfortably on their somewhat shorter backs. Accordingly, saddle pads for Icelandic horses have to be cut differently to fit the shape and size of the saddle.

Icelandic saddle pads often reflect the country of origin in their colours: they are often seen in a combination of blue and red, or kept in understated colours.

In terms of functions and features, Icelandic saddle pads do not differ from other saddle pads and offer the same breathable fabrics and anti-slip properties.