Women's Show Breeches

Women's Show Breeches

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Horze offers competition breeches for women to make your show extra special. Horze breeches in different styles and accents will support you on your big day. Whether you compete regularly or just occasionally - Horze is there for you.

Show breeches from Horze - for top performance

Show breeches have to fit well and be at their best when showing. After all, it's your big day, after weeks and months of preparation. 

Show breeches must remain clean and smart over time, but they must also, of course, remain opaque. They must fit like a second skin, but must not restrict your movements.

In the Horze range of show breeches for women you will find a comprehensive selection, from brilliant white to restrained, light colours. The latest fabric types, such as 4-way stretch and Opti Pro fabric, not only ensure breathability and proper ventilation, but also wick moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout. The high quality full seat supports your grip, while a high waistband helps to keep your upper body straight. Our show breeches offer you outstanding performance to help you perform at your best.

Function and style combined in the perfect show breeches

In addition to show breeches being functional, their appearance is also important. Here you will find a comprehensive selection of white breeches for you to aesthetically round off your show outfit. From subtle accents and simple logos to brilliant full seat styles, there is something for everyone. After all, you want to look good on your lap of honour.

Most riders today still choose white breeches for showing. Of course, show breeches have to fit well. Whether you choose full seat or knee patch breeches is a matter of taste. Many riders appreciate the firmer grip in the saddle with full seat breeches, especially at dressage competitions. On the other hand, at a show jumping competition it may be more advantageous to start with knee patch breeches because they offer more freedom of movement. Either way, the show breeches' fabric must be breathable. After all, everyone sweats at a show. A certain amount of elastane in the material mix of the breeches increases comfort. You can also choose styles with one or more pockets. White breeches are also available with a low, normal or high waistband. You can shop according to your personal preferences, there are no rules. 

At dressage competitions in particular, the appearance of the rider and horse is very important. Your competition breeches should be white and, of course, spotlessly clean. That means you have to wash them before every competition. This is relatively easy if you follow a few rules. First, turn your white breeches inside out. This protects the white exterior of your breeches. You can then wash them at 30°C in the machine. Please do not add fabric softener. Lay them out to dry on a flat surface, preferably on a towel. Never put them in the dryer. If your competition breeches have stubborn stains, for example from mud or grass, you can treat the stains with gall soap before washing. Dampen the stains with warm water, work in the gall soap with a small brush and then wash the breeches as normal.