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Women's Full Seat Riding Tights

Women's Full Seat Riding Tights

Full seat riding leggings (also known as riding tights) are particularly popular among dressage riders, as the grippy trim provides extra support in the saddle. Our extensive selection of full seat riding leggings has both plain and smart styles and trendy, contrasting colours to suit your style. 
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Full seat riding leggings - ideal for dressage training

The full seat makes the full seat riding leggings ideal for dressage, with its grippy features for extra support and good balance in the saddle. It also keeps you secure in the saddle when going cross-country. Horze's extensive collection includes riding tights with synthetic full seat or silicone grip. These are available in virtually all colours and in many different designs to add a touch of style to your dressage saddle.

High quality stitching, the finest workmanship and a choice between eye-catching styles or understated classics make our full seat riding leggings the ideal choice for every rider. Whether you're taking lessons or going for casual rides in the countryside, our full seat riding leggings offer you a high level of comfort and absolute freedom of movement.

In addition, the full seat offers functional support. When sitting out at a trot, you literally "stick" to the saddle and move smoothly with the horse's movement. This offers additional support, which you definitely need, especially in dressage riding. Even during more intensive training sessions, your full seat riding leggings won't let you down, the breathable fabric offers comfort and ventilation when you get warm in the saddle. The light fabric that of the riding leggings makes riding in warm weather a little easier than in traditional breeches.

With so many great colours, accents and prints to choose from, you will also look extra stylish while doing it. 

Full seat riding tights - full seat, full features, lots of feel

You are sure to find what you are looking for in our collection of full seat riding leggings. Shine and sparkle with crystal detailing on the pockets, waistband or thighs or enjoy cuffs with Velcro fastening or elastic leg cuffs.  Pockets have not been left out,  so that you can take everything you need with you on your rides, without sacrificing your freedom of movement. Embroidery, logos, prints - there are many wonderful designs to choose from. To keep your mobile phone safe, there are also riding leggings with a mobile phone pocket. Take a look at the different full seat riding leggings from Horze and find your perfect pair.

As with riding breeches, it is largely a matter of taste whether you choose knee-breeches or full seat riding leggings. Knee breeches offer more freedom of movement when riding. They are therefore often preferred by show jumpers or for cross-country riding. On the other hand, there are riders who first tried riding with knee breeches, then went on to try a full breech model and have only wanted to use full breeches ever since. Riding leggings with full seat offer a greater stability in the saddle. Another "question of faith" is the material used for the seat. It can be leather, artificial leather or silicone. The adhesive properties of all three materials are similarly good. However, although leather is more durable, it is also more difficult to maintain. Most riding leggings can be machine washed inside out. However, the washing temperature should not exceed 40°C. 

If you are a recreational rider, you can follow your personal taste on this one. If you hate sweatpants, you will certainly not feel comfortable in riding leggings. However, the longer you ride in breeches or riding leggings, the more you will appreciate the comfort of riding leggings. Riding leggings are usually cheaper than breeches. In summer, the usually lighter fabric of riding leggings is more comfortable than the heavier fabric of riding breeches. On the other hand, in winter you are more likely to be comfortable wearing winter riding breeches than winter riding leggings. When it comes to competition gear, however, you should be more careful. At least for dressage competitions, riding leggings are not recommended, even if they are white. Dressage judges are very conservative. It can be a real disadvantage for you if you compete in riding leggings instead of breeches.