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Lunge Lines & Lunging Ropes

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Exercises depend on what you want to achieve. Beginners learn to keep their balance in all three gaits during lunging. They can also try out rein position. In addition, all riders - not only beginners - can effectively work on their seat during lunging. Young horses learn to find their balance during lunging and to pay attention to the commands of the lunger. All horses can build up or strengthen their muscles and get more toned while lunging.

Lunging over obstacle poles lying on the ground trains the horse's attention and surefootedness. Driving horses, for example, learn through the double lunge not to be frightened when lines touch their hind legs. In this training, the lunge circle is abandoned and the trainer walks behind the horse with the double lunge.

Lunge lines are made of synthetic material or cotton rope. At one end they have a swivelling snap hook that is hooked into the horse's bridle. At the other end there is usually a hand loop. Simple models are just under eight metres long, double lunges have a length of about 16 metres. A cotton rope lunge line is usually lighter than the synthetic version. However, in rain or other contact with moisture, the material quickly becomes saturated and then very heavy.

This is not an issue with synthetic lunge lines. Lines made of nylon webbing provide easy grip. However, you should still wear gloves. If you want to pull the lunge line through the snaffle rings, a rope version is better. With all models you must pay attention to good workmanship. After all, the line and hook are subject to considerable forces.