Pony Bridles & Halters

Pony Bridles & Halters

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 Pony bridles & pony halters

Of course, ponies need the same equipment as a large horse. Ponies are not considered miniature warmbloods for nothing. However, the proportions of ponies are usually such that they need special pony sizes, e.g. pony rugs, pony bridles or pony boots. A pony bridle is specially designed for the smaller and more delicate pony head and thus offers a high degree of comfort even for the smallest ones. Of course, the stable headcollar or halter cannot be left out in pony size either. Just as with the pony bridles, pony halters are best suited for small horses, which have different proportions than their larger relatives. Since ponies are often ridden by children, the pony collections often have cute prints and are available in eye-catching colours.

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