Horse Sponges

Horse Sponges

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Comfort-Grip Bathing Brush Comfort-Grip Bathing Brush
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Comfort-Grip Bathing Brush

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Horse Sponges help keep your horse and equipment clean and healthy.

Sponges made of natural or plastic fibers hold water and help bathe your horse to keep him healthy and clean. A big thirsty sponge will soak up plenty of water and make scrubbing your horse easy. The fibers of Horze sponges offered in natural or synthetic materials will dry quickly when not in use and with proper care, will not harbor bacteria or germs. Keep your sponges fresh and like new by rinsing thoroughly after use and allowing to air dry completely before storage.

Horse Sponges for tack care come in various sizes for all of your cleaning needs.

Cleaning tack is a daily chore that will pay off in the long run by keeping your tack and other leather equipment healthy, safe and beautiful. Sponges are a great tool to clean dirt and debris from tack or to apply cleaners and conditioners to help soften and keep your equipment safe and lustrous. Applying soap or a tack conditioner with a sponge allows you to control where the formula is applied and aids in efficient effective tack cleaning. Keep several sponges in your tack box for cleaning boots, bits, leather and more. Use a handy tack sponge with your favorite cleaner and make this chore a breeze.