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All Purpose & Jumping Saddle Pads

All Purpose & Jumping Saddle Pads

Jumping and all purpose saddle pads come in both traditional and fashion styles to suit every taste. They are not only functional, but can also add some colour and flair to your look.
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Frequently asked questions about All Purpose & Jumping Saddle Pads

All purpose saddle pads are cut a little shorter than dressage saddle pads, but longer than jumping saddle pads. Their shape is adapted to the all purpose saddle and they are curved at the front. Unlike dressage saddle pads, they are not rectangular in shape, but have a cut-out that mimics the shape of the saddle.

They are available in the same materials as dressage saddle pads and offer the same variety of styles and colours, both traditional and trendy.

If you have an all purpose saddle, you will be best served with an all purpose saddle pad, as its shape makes it the best fit for this saddle.

In terms of design, the right saddle pad for you and your horse is, of course, a matter of taste. If you like to make a statement, you will enjoy the wide range of colours on offer. A bright yellow dressage saddle pad on the shiny coat of a black horse would certainly standout. For piebalds, whose coat colours are already distinctive, muted colours make a better choice, as they are less distracting and emphasise the horse's natural appearance.

If you enjoy sparkle, there are plenty of choices available, including sequins, Swarovski crystals and rhinestones. Your sparkly dressage, all purpose or jumping saddle pad will give you a truly dazzling look while riding.

Of course, traditional, restrained and muted colours are still in fashion and are timeless classics that you and your horse can always enjoy.

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