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Leg Wraps

Leg Wraps

Leg wraps are used underneath horse bandages. They provide extra padding and protection, allow moisture to evaporate, and can also be used in case of injury.
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Leg wraps for additional support

You can easily protect especially sensitive horse legs with a leg wrap under your horse boots. The additional padding increases the shock-absorbing effect or can keep tendons and ligaments pleasantly warm on cold winter days. Leg wraps can also work the other way round and cool the horse's leg or wick away moisture.

Choose your leg wraps according to their purpose and your needs. When it comes to size, if you own a pony, you should go for bandages and leg wraps that are specifically made for the size of the pony. Bandages for ponies are a little shorter and the leg wraps a little smaller. 

Leg wraps for injuries

Leg wraps are ideal for healing injuries. An elastic bandage applied with a leg wrap is optimal and can be applied to your horse overnight if necessary. Thanks to the good fit and the matching leg wrap, you can be sure that the bandage will stay in place overnight or even over a longer period of time.

When you use leg wraps under your bandages, you are first of all providing extra padding and thus extra protection. The leg wraps must match your bandages, not overhang them or be too short, as this could lead to unnecessary risk of injury or cause pain to your horse.
When you put leg wraps around the horse's leg, make sure they do not wrinkle as this can also be painful for the horse. Wrap them tightly but not too tightly around the horse's leg and wrap your bandages carefully over them. Finally, make sure can slip out of place before relaxing and starting your training.

You usually use leg wraps when you bandage your horse. leg wraps provide extra padding and can cushion kicks from the hind legs.

In order not to restrict your horse's movement, you should make sure that the leg wraps fit perfectly and that they do not protrude over the bandage into the carpal joint. The hoof should also not be covered, because if the leg wrap is too big, the horse can get caught in it and stumble.

If you have a pony, it is especially important that you choose a leg wrap in pony size so that it fits both your pony and your bandages perfectly.