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Footwear Accessories

Sole inserts add cushion and comfort to any riding footwear while boot hooks are the perfect accessory to help put on your favorite pair of boots or riding footwear.

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Sole inserts are perfect to give your favorite boots and shoes the comfort, lift and support you need to wear all day.

Add sole inserts to your tall boots to provide a bit of lift while maintaining the tallest silhouette you can. These inserts keep the boot from digging into the back of your knee while you ride. They are soft and cushioned to allow all day action without tired, sore feet.

Boot hooks make putting on your tall boots easy and boot jacks help take them off.

Footwear accessories are a must to use with your favorite boots. Boot jacks make slipping out of them a breeze without straining or bending over and injuring your back. Boot pulls allow tight tall boots to pull on with ease. Don’t forget a pair of boot shapers to keep your tall boots stiff and tall and looking like new.