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Back on Track Mesh Rug

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Back on Track Mesh Rug


A lightweight sheet with all of the benefits of a therapy blanket.

During the summer months this is the perfect multifunctional rug because of its optimal breathable qualities, thanks to the sturdy and very airy mesh that covers a layer of thin ceramic fabric and offers full protection. It may be used as an extra layer underneath, as a transport rug, as a cooler and in the stall during the warmer months. It may be used to great advantage prior to exercise or competition in order to warm up the muscles as well as following a workout to help the muscles recover and recuperate. By using the whole sheet you may achieve the Back on Track healing effect on chest, back, quarter and loin muscles. The sheet has a lining of polypropylene fabric infused with Welltex™. On the exterior, the sheet has a thin mesh layer for maximum breathable qualities.


  • Therapeutic lightweight sheet
  • Aids in muscle warmup or cool down
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Relaxes nervous, tense horses
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Speeds recovery between workouts
  • Reduces lactic acid in sore muscles
  • Double front buckles
  • Low cross surcingles
  • Tail flap with strap
  • Reinforced neck opening with fleece

Technical description:

Outer: Polyester mesh.
Inner materials: Polyester thread embedded with fine ceramic powder.

Washing instructions:

Machine wash at 30 degrees. Gentle cycle, normal detergent that does not contain bleach or fabric softener. Air dry only. Do not tumble dry.

Average rating
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My horse loved this immediately. I got a size 81, which is also what he wears in newer Rambos (Older Rambos he wears a 84, for Rambos I bought between 2000-2007). Once I opened the shoulder gusset, it fit perfectly. Removing the shoulder gusset tab was not as impossible as reviewers on other sites made it out to be. It required patience and a good seam ripper but was fairly easy if you don't mind spending the time. If I hadn't opened the shoulder gusset, the blanket would have fit too tight but I think the 84 would have been too big. This blanket works great for warming up & relaxing my horse's muscles before riding. I put it on him about 1/2 hour before i ride. It was also very warm on me while I was sitting with it on my lap with a seam ripper! I like the lighter weight mesh & am optimistic that it won't get so hot tha I can't use it pre-warmup for shows in the summer.

The reason my horse is still going!

My Kwpn lives in his. I showed him in the low a/o jumpers up until he was 21. Now at 26 he is still going strong . I bought his first one in 2006 and had seen a major improvement in his performance after wearing his blanket. The blanket fits him true to size. I have had to buy a couple of them because they do tear but then again he does wear it all the time. The benefits definitely out way the cost so I don't mind replacing them .

Back to Track= Excellent for Backs

My 16 yr old 3/4 arab dressage horse is pretty stiff on most cold days. I have noticed that when he wears the B o T blanket, he warms up much easier. The only downside is that he can only wear this when it is 65 degrees or colder. I wish B o T could make a thinner sheet for the summers months! I thought the blanket ran a little big. My horse wears a 78 in everything, but with this I think a 76 would have been better.

Love this blanket!

Ordered this after people in my barn started telling me how much they loved them. I can definitely agree that these blankets are awesome. If you have a horse with a cold back, your horse will especially love if you put it on before you ride. note: usually my horse is a 78, I ordered an 81 because I heard they run small and it fit perfectly.

Great to Have in the Toolbox!

I use this on my 20 year old dressage mare, who is still competing and moving up the levels. She wears the sheet for the 30 minutes of tacking up and untacking, as well as being ridden in a Back On Track saddle pad. While she still is given a nice long walk warmup, she comes out very loose in the body and relaxed over the back. I tried her in both the 78 and 81 (she usually wears a 78 in Rambo/Pessoa/Turtleneck/etc), and I found the 78 to fit the best. I would say it fits as normal, though my mare is not wide through the shoulders. She only wears it while supervised, so it has held up nicely and has been washed a couple times according to the cleans up well as well. Overall, a pricey buy upfront, but the results are worth it!

A Must Have!!!

My horses are athletes, and I do everything I can to help them feel their best. Back on Track Sheets are amazing. They help keep muscles warm and loose by increasing circulation with ceramic mesh. I put this sheet on the horses after a hard workout, and I really notice a difference. It is an absolute necessity at a three day competition. After cross country these horses need all the help they can get to be ready to jump a clean round the next day. A must have!

Back on Track Mesh Rug

A nice well made rug, I needed a 6'3" which this rug doesn't come in due to it being in European sizing so went for a size up as size guide said a 6'6" came up small. Unfortunately after using the rug I discovered that it slips back around the shoulders so I've had to get the front straps altered to prevent this. Overall a good rug though, but if I was buying again I would buy the size down instead.

Five Stars!

My 17 yr old Paso fino,has had mobility issues. The vet suggested getting the Back On Track mesh blanket after her acupuncture session. The next month she gave Lacey a stunning report. She said she was moving 1,010 times better than a month ago.... I'm convinced that the blanket made that possible

Amazing results on my Cold Backed horse

Back on Track has changed our routine for good! I was spending 10-20 minutes or more before every ride massaging, warming and then lunging my cold backed horse and was still getting a humpy back at the beginning of every ride. So I thought I would try the mesh sheet to get some additional warmth and circulation for my guy. I put it on him the first time for about 2 hours before our workout - and purposely skipped my other routines - including the lunging. I swung up and had minimal humpiness! To dispel that perhaps that was a fluke and he was just in a good mood - I repeated the same thing on the next ride - this time no humpy back whatsoever! His massage therapist also noted a HUGE difference in his tightness, soreness etc. I also got him the Mesh Neck Cover and the Poll Bonnet - all of these work just as well and I have a much more comfortable horse - which makes me more comfortable!

Love This Sheet!

Recently purchased this sheet and it's been awesome! I have a mare who is generally pretty nervous and can get sore around her shoulders, and this seems to help her. I'll put it on in her corral when I work another horse and notice her relax as she watches us, and have also noticed it relax her when tied to the trailer. It doesn't completely stop her moving and pawing, but she definitely isn't as bad as she's been previously. She also gets nervous in the trailer, and sweats profusely, and I notice when I haul her with this, she doesn't seem to sweat as badly. I do notice sweat around the shoulders were it is almost nylon lined to prevent rubbing, but under the rest of the sheet is fine. No matter the weather, this seems to be where she sweats with this sheet. With no sheet even in cooler weather, this mare usually comes off the trailer with sweat, so the blanket has been great for her. My horses are usually cool to the touch under it even when its a warm, sunny day, but you'll notice the warmth if you let your hand sit underneath the blanket on their skin. Hoping to add another sheet to my barn so I don't have to juggle it between horses! You can't go wrong with Back on Track! Side note: I put leg straps on mine, and it stays on very well even when the horses roll or move around.

Super - Einkauf lohnt sich!

Obwohl diese Decke sehr teuer ist, ist es eine Investition, die sich auszahlt! Die Pferde werden super entspannt, schwingen toll über den Rücken und Verspannungen sind wie weggeblasen. Es herrscht immer ein wohliges Klima unter der Decke und ich verwende sie als Stall- oder Unterdecke. Daumen hoch!


Schöne Decke mit dem bekannten BOT Keramikstoff. Für den Entspannungsgrad des Pferdes gebe ich 5*, leider als Unterdecke nicht geeignet da der Stoff so dünn ist dass er schnell verzieht und dann Druck-/Scheuerstellen entstehen.


Beste BoT dekkenet. Kan benyttes sommer som vinter. Om vinteren gjerne under vinterdekken og om sommeren som dekken alene da det er luftig og godt. Hesten får meget god smidighet i muskelaturen etter bruk av dette.

Verdt pengene.

Hele hesten slapper av når dekkenet er på og det merkes ved trening at muskulaturen er myk og smidig etter bruk. Anbefaler alle dette uansett om hesten er i full trening, ung eller pensjonist.


Må skryte av god passform på dette dekkenet.. Så gjennstår dt og se om dt har positiv effekt på andre ting :) krysser fingrene!

Perfekte Passform auch bei Grossen Pferden

Normalerweise haben wir immer das Problem, dass selbst 165'er Decken zu klein sind - aber: diese Decke passt perfekt! Obwohl immer gesagt wird, dass man BOT Decken lieber eine Nummer grösser nehmen soll, wäre dies bei uns nicht notwendig gewesen. Seitdem mein Wallach die Decke auf hat, ist er besser gelaunt und auch lockerer im Rücken. Ich habe die Decke gekauft, da er Probleme im Beckenbereicht hat und dies immer zu wilden Bocksprüngen führte - diese sind seit der Benutzung der Decke ganz verschwunden. Er trägt sie unter seiner Stalldecke.


This fits nicely and is quite breathable, it does seem to run a touch on the smaller side. Working on being able to use it consistently enough to notice a big improvement in my guys back is a little challenge as you have to gradual extend the time that they wear it. But overall very happy with my purchase!

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