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Women's Pull On Silicone FS Tights w Mesh

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Women's Pull On Silicone FS Tights w Mesh
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Women's Pull On Silicone FS Tights w Mesh


Ample stretch and all day ultimate comfort is clear with these beautiful silicone full seat breeches. Pull on these stylish riding breeches when a casual, quick choice is your wish for a no-nonsense, easy look. The classic color options make this a must-have.


  • Soft pull-on style breeches
  • Silicone full seat
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Wide elastic waistband
  • Elastic leg bottoms

Technical description:

100% Polyester.

Washing instructions:

Machine wash warm at 40 degrees. Air dry.

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A few tweaks and this is one of my favorites

These tights are mostly great and I just ordered another pair today. They run TTS, but I order up one size from my Horze breaches for a really smooth fit. They are aces after a wash and tumble dry on low (inside out). The fabric has a thick, stretchy hand feel, the silicone is super grippy with tonal bit pattern and the mesh side panels allow for venting, which is necessary because they're pretty thick. The challenges; the seam that runs along the back of the leg is rough and chafes behind the knee after a few hours, the tighter the pant the worse the chafe, but the real deal-breaker is the BIG seam nob at the back of the ankle that hurts like @$#% under boots. Since I loved the overall comfort, grip, super flattering fit and the BOGO price, I made a few changes and now use these 2-3 days a week. I order up a size and twist the leg a little for better seam placement when getting dressed (easy). Most importantly, I shortened the leg length with a serger, cutting just above the ankle seam bump and then made the new opening fitted and smooth with a long flat dart on the outside of the calf, now they fit like 7/8 yoga tights and I LOVE them enough to buy another. I realize this may be too much hassle for some, but it only took me about 5 minutes. So if you love a piece of clothing but it's just a little bit wonky (almost all clothing, esp equestrian apparel) it's worth asking a tailor (or your mom) and it could turn out to be a favorite. I hope this was helpful.

Super Hose für den Preis!

Heute kam die Hose bei mir an. Erster Eindruck Super! Angezogen und sie sitzt. Klar sie ist eng und das anziehen anstrengend. :D aber dann sitzt sie wie eine 2te haut. Super dünn und elastisch. Ich schwanke zwischen 38-40. Habe 38 bestellt und die sitzt gut.

Optisch toll - Tragekomfort naja

Die Reitleggin sieht optisch erstmal klasse aus, passt sich der Figur schön an und schmeichelt dieser etwas. Auch der sehr breite und feste Hüftbund ist sehr angenehm und kaschiert etwas. ABER leider sind die seitlichen Masheinsätze furchtbar unbequem. Diese jucken und kratzen sehr, was extrem stört. Das Mach ist sehr fest und unbeweglich, somit macht es den eigentlichen Tragekomfort einer Leggin ziemlich unbequem. Ich bin sehr enttäuscht, da ich die Hose keinen ganzen Tag im Stall tragen kann, da nach 1-2h es unerträglich wird. Sehr sehr schade....

Look Great but THICK not "lightweight"

I have several different pairs of Horze riding tights with the silicone grip and wanted to try these (mostly because of the cool teal color). They are advertised as lightweight but another reviewer described them as being like a "wetsuit"...this is pretty accurate. I live in SW Florida and riding in them the first time last week (April) decided to keep them only for winter riding. Also they did bunch up and chafe behind the knee. I LOVE my Horze Superlight Bianca tights and wished they had a better color selection in those. Those are SO light and comfy I could sleep in them and the silicone knee patch is a big bonus!

Veldig fornøyd

Jeg er kjempefornøyd med buksen. En anelse liten i størrelsen, men siden det er stretch i den så er det ikke noe problem. Sitter utrolig bra gjennom hele dagen, og gir godt grep i salen.

God bukse

En god bukse til sommeren. Man ser lett undertøy gjennom stoffet, men det er vel eneste minus. Alt i akt en kjekk bukse å bare hoppe i på varme dager. Riktig på størrelse og god passform

Verste kjøpet jeg noen gang har gjort

Bestilte størrelse for stor for å ha en grei tights som er litt løs. Men neida fikk den såvidt på meg. Hadde den på et minutt før den ble tatt av så fort som mulig. Utsiden av lårene der den nettingen er brenner noe sinnsykt enda. Aldri kjøp denne


Hose find ich prinzipiell super, mich hat der Lüftungsschlitz sehr gekratzt, meine Kollegen wiederum nicht. Stoff ist fest und eine spur dicker als die anderen Stoffe, jedoch schwitzt man da drin nicht mehr als in den anderen Hosen. Eine Nummer größer sollte man bestellen da der Bund enger ausfällt!!!! Preis Leistung ist bei 40€ völlig in Ordnung.

Uncomfortable seams

The fit is good and the material nice but and this is a big but, the seams running down the back of the leg are incredibly uncomfortable especially in hot weather. The whole point of these is to wear in such heat but I was incredibly sweaty in these and the seams rubbed even more because of this especially behind the knee and ankle. It appears they’ve used nylon and overlooked stitching which is not smooth. Have washed them hoping to soften up the seams but not optimistic. Would not recommend these.

Nicht ganz optimal

Die Hose ist optisch super leider in der normalen Kaufgröße (36) viel zu eng! Man braucht fast 5 Minuten sie anzuziehen und ist danach erstmal erledigt.. die Nähte sind leider viel zu dick und unbequem sie kratzen und verursachen Druckstellen vorallem in der Kniebeuge nach 2 Stunden mit der Hose mag man sie nur noch ausziehen.. Qualität ist ansonsten gut, das Mesh an der Seite leider sehr unelastisch.. ansonsten gibt die Hose sehr gut nach und wenn man sie ne Nummer größer kauft is sie bestimmt auch sehr bequem! Kann meine leider nicht mehr anziehen also 40,- für nix..


Das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist als gut zu bewerten, allerdings stört mich, dass die Hose für "normal Gewachsene" leider viel zu lang, so dass beim Hochziehen der Hosen mega viele Falten entstehen und es so zu Reibungen kommt.

Fantastic tights!

It's like pulling on a wet suit to get these tights on but oh, so worth it. I feel like I lost 10 lbs and I stick in the saddle perfectly. New go-to tights for sure.

Love it

It feels great, very comfortable to wear, no belt signs after training, it is like second skin. I recommend it to all my friends.

Grei tights til ok pris

Veldig tynn og god, men noe "gjennomsiktig" dersom du har litt ekstra på kroppen. Blir dessverre retur på meg da jeg ikke synes den så fin ut på meg, pluss at nettingen gnager. Veldig god stretch, bestilte en størrelse større for sikkerhetsskyld, noe som egentlig ikke var nødvendig.

Not bad

These are as others have stated, not so light weight. They are a nice design and look good on except they are a bit tricky if you are already sweating a tonne and trying to pull them on - they don't really glide on easily as other styles such as the more slimline 'Biancas' do.The waistline is nice and high which is great as I am not usually a fan, but they never slip down and do keep everything trim. After a couple of hours wear then it is good to get them off, they don't rub but the material starts to dig in all over after a while, I am not so keen on the mesh panelling as it is quite rough and wouldn't say it is there to keep you cool. I love Horze breeches in general as they are stylish and wash and wear wel,l but these tights were just a little disappointing.

Super Preis Leistung!

Für diesen Preis einfach super. Habe mir nach der Schwangerschaft die Leggins zwei Nummern größer bestellt. Sitzt super. Nur an meinen Unterschenkeln sitzt sie etwas lockerer aber habe auch dünne Waden. Optisch echt schick und angenehm zu tragen. Hoffe das die Leggins beim reiten gut sitzt und nachdem waschen auch noch gut aussieht????????

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