Women's Show Jackets

Women's Show Jackets

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Dressage show coats add class and style to your turnout and are a must-have for the serious dressage rider. Show your impeccable taste with an elegant dressage jacket.

Dressage show coats are the right choice for formal competition.

Classic navy or black dressage coats with elegant buttons and a flattering, tapered cut will compliment any figure. Choose three- or four-button fronts with the signature Z logo to complete your presentation. The tapered style of these fine dressage coats will move as you ride for ultimate comfort and freedom of movement in the saddle while looking stunning as you enter the arena. A velvet collar or trimmed pocket is an added sophisticated detail on some Horze dressage jackets. Catch the judge’s eye during your next dressage test with a lovely jacket from Horze. For upper level dressage rides, choose our classic shadbelly style.

Dressage jackets in lightweight, cool fabrics are perfect for warm weather showing.

Comfort and breathability is essential when showing in the heat and Horze dressage jackets are designed to breath with plenty of airflow while maintaining classic style. The showerproof fabric will allow you to look great in case of a quick sprinkle and the fabric will not absorb the rain. Double or single back vents allow freedom of movement and the fabric will stretch as you ride to avoid binding. The sporty yet classic style of our dressage jackets will help get you noticed as you perform a perfect extended trot.

In the past, a riding jacket was always black or red for show jumpers. Today you have more colour options when it comes to show jackets. For dressage competitions, a classic black ladies' competition jacket is still recommended. Dressage judges are very conservative. A show jacket that is too "fashionable" can easily cost you important points. At show jumping competitions, however, you can wear a blue show jacket without any problems. Red, green or grey are also acceptable. A softshell show jacket is also only recommended for show jumping or military competitions. The ladies' show jacket is cropped and has a slit at the lower back. This serves to prevent the jacket from clinging to the saddle. A competition jacket is figure-hugging and has tight, long sleeves. Of course, it must fit in such a way that it does not hinder the rider's movement.