Rainlegs raintrousers

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Rainlegs raintrousers


Rainlegs - raintrousers - protect the upper legs against rain, wind and the cold. The product has been manufactured from wind- and waterproof (5000 mbar) ripstop nylon and weighs only 140 grams. These "raintrousers" are open on the back of the legs, so that no condensation can take place and clothes will stay dry. "Less is more" and "more is less".Exhaustive tests to ascertain this have been carried out by bike couriers and by independent organisations. Many participants in outdoor sporting events like bikeriders, runners, rowers and Nordic walkers have expressed their satisfaction with this simple but great raintrousers.

The waterproof transparent Poly-Urethane (PU) coating on the inside has been replaced by a more durable white coating.
This new PU coating is more resistant for wearing and the waterproofness has been improved from 5.000 up 10.000 mm water pressure.

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Quite good.

They protect well from rain and even feel warm. Easy to put on. The minus sticker, already mentioned by someone minus too loose, rolls up on the "leg" when trapped. Maybe you should develop an additional rubber loop / sticker yourself.


Have a couple since before and can highly recommend them, protect well when it is a little rainy or when riding in wet forest. Works great even when cycling or jogging. In addition, windproof so they also work as a reinforcement if it is a little cold, even if it does not rain. Easy and easy to pack and carry.


I bought a pair of rainlegs for leisure cycle rides, they were so good I've ordered another pair in Black colour for commuting to work. I tested them out on a mountain bike ride in the Chilterns and it rained quite a lot, steady rain for a good hour then intermittent, they kept the rain off my knees and upper legs really well, I was able to keep cycling comfortably instead of the usual annoying soggy knees. They were so comfortable I didn't bother to take them off between showers. The bit across the knees is slightly thicker and the rain didn't get through at all and the design means that they don't drag across the knees either. The open backs stop you getting hot and sweaty in them and it also means you can still access your pockets. They clip on easily and it was great at the mid ride pub stop as they easily unclipped instead of the embarrassing hop around on one leg, fall over, to get them off or sit with regular overtrouser around your ankles. There was only one very slight drawback in that I had to be a bit careful when dismounting the bike in case the rear straps caught in the saddle. Would recommend to anyone.

Flexible and dense!

Very easy to put on and it does not feel as "wrapped" as it does with regular rain pants. Good that you can roll them together so you can wear them on a long ride. Highly recommended !!

Very happy!

Really happy with these rain legs! Took size L, is 1, 75. Took them in black design. However, it seems that the straps that run between the legs at the back are unnecessary, because they will be sitting on while riding. Thinking about cutting them off when they feel so unnecessary. But otherwise very good!

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