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Hoof Supplements

Biotin for horses is essential to maintain and encourage the growth of healthy hooves, coat, skin and hair. When fed properly, biotin supplements for horses can complete a healthy diet.

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Biotin for horses provides an essential nutrient to improve hooves and more.

A biotin supplement can be a game changer for horses struggling with hoof conditions. The nutrients in a biotin supplement can boost hoof growth and allow your horse to remain sound and sturdy during pleasure or competition. The old saying “no hoof, no horse” is completely true and with proper care, trimming, shoeing and nutrition, your horse can develop strong healthy hooves. Some horses are prone to dry, brittle, cracked hooves but a biotin supplement can improve this condition. Biotin is a smart choice to increase the moisture balance and elasticity in hooves as well as improve the condition of the coat and skin. Biotin supplements include vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients to ensure your horse’s nutritional needs are met.

Biotin supplements can be recommended by your vet or farrier for improved hoof health.

Keeping shoes on a horse with dry brittle hooves can be a challenge. If your farrier recommends a supplement to improve hoof condition, Horze offers many options. A biotin supplement can nourish hooves and improve the overall general condition of the horse. Biotin is essential to improve the condition of hooves, skin and hair. A beautiful coat is an added bonus when you add a biotin supplement to your horse’s diet. Most biotin supplements also include a healthy dose of methionine to increase hoof growth and moisture balance even more. Zinc and copper can help improve the absorption of these nutrients to aid in transforming your horse’s hooves and coat and improve his health.