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Liniments & Clays

Liniments & Clays

Horse poultice treatments reduce swelling and inflammation and can aid in the recovery of many injuries. Horse liniments encourage blood flow and can reduce stress and strain after strenuous work.
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Horse poultice treatments are based with ingredients like clay to draw out heat and swelling from your horse’s legs.

Caring for your horse’s delicate yet strong legs is the job of any responsible rider and horse owner. If you horse’s legs are well cared for, he will carry you far and remain sound and sturdy for all of your riding needs. Wrapping legs in a poultice treatment after strenuous work or as your horse recovers from injury is a targeting way to help prevent future lameness and speed the recovery and recuperation of hard work. Clay helps increase circulation while drawing out toxins and tightening the muscles, tendons and structure of the legs. Your horse will recover more quickly from work and will perform better with fresh, rested legs.

Horse liniments are perfect to brace and support the legs after long rides and heavy jumping sessions.

Rubbing down your horse’s tired legs with a horse liniment specifically designed to improve circulation and increase blood flow will give him the rest and recovery he needs after exercise. Liniments are a good option to provide warming or cooling action on tired legs. Rub briskly to encourage heat and improve circulation. These product can also be applied without friction to allow for a cooling effect and will soothe and relax tired muscles and joints.

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