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Sweat Scrapers

Sweat scrapers are a must have for the wash stall and to remove excess water after bathing. Keep plenty of these scrapers on hand to help your horse dry off quickly.

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Whisk away water or sweat with a scraper from Horze.

Use sweat scrapers from Horze to make bathing and grooming a snap. After a strenuous workout and a nice bath, use a scraper to remove excess water and aid in the drying process. Keep chills away and help your horse’s coat to dry more quickly after excess water is removed. A simple metal scraper will do the trick or try one of the newly designed one-handed scrapers with a smooth rubber blade to gently work around legs and delicate areas.

Help the natural shedding process with a shedding blade from Horze.

Remove sweat, water or loose hair with a serrated blade scraper and make your grooming chores simple. Loosen the coat with a curry comb and then gently tug the loose hairs away with the fine teeth on the shedding blades offered by Horze. The buckle on the shedding blade can be fastened for one-handed use or removed to use both hands for more leverage and shedding ability. This works great on large areas such as the rump and barrel. Any of the sweat scrapers and shedding blades from Horze will make grooming chores quick and painless.