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Zandona Therapeutic Support Boot Air rear

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Zandona Therapeutic Support Boot Air rear
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Zandona Therapeutic Support Boot Air rear


The rest boots “THERAPEUTIC SUPPORT BOOT” are equip-ped with 18 magnetic devices that improve cellular function, providing a natural therapeutic support from the hoof to the shin and by reflexology to the whole body.They are 2 products in 1, because also developed to provide support to the suspensory ligaments and to contain the tendon apparatus, for use during transportation of the horse and to decrease the typical post-work swelling. They are made 100% in Italy, equipped by interchangeable inner band with COOL-MAX® (special fiber that carries moisture towards the outer surface of the fabric, keeping skin dry). On the outer surfa-ce, closed to the pastoral-fetlock, an extra protection to redu-ce wear due to friction is provided. Elastic straps with hook and loop fastener are calibrated to optimize tendons support, ensuring comfort and grip.The permanent magnets used are composed of a highly ma-gnetic alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron with Nickel coating, capable of exerting a magnetic flux density of 2600 Gauss each.The specific arrangement of magnets, their flux density, inten-sity and polarization, have been studied with the help of ve-terinarians and professional riders to maximize the localized increase in vascular blood-flow and lymphatic circulation, with multiple beneficial effects:REFLEXOLOGY EFFECTS:Using reflexology principles, that is magnetically stimulating the reflex points (Ting) placed on specific meridians of the hor-se (the same points used for acupuncture), some moderate rebalancing effects are obtained:REAR BOOTS:The magnet near the Yang meridian LIV (Liver - Ting LIV1), acts on the fetlock, on the superficial side-muscles and on croup-hip muscles.The magnet near the Yang meridian KI (Kidney - Ting Ki1), acts on the fetlock, on bones and hind-tendon.The magnet near the Yang meridian SP (Spleen - Ting SP1), acts against the excessive formation of synovial fluid and have positive effects on the small and big psoas muscles.The magnet near the Yin meridian BL (Bladder - Ting BL67), acts on the hoof.The magnet near the Yin meridian GB (Gall Bladder - Ting GB44), acts on the hoof and on the side-muscles.The magnet near the Yin meridian ST (Stomach - Ting ST45), acts against problems in muscles and fetlock.


  • Muscles, tendons, cartilages injuries|Ligaments inflammations|Bones fractures|Osteoporosis

Technical description:

LOCAL MAGNETO-THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS:Analgesic effect.Anti-inflammatory effect.Increase of micro-circulation in cartilages.Acceleration of lactic-acid absorption process.Acceleration of toxins elimination process.Acceleration of osteogenesis process.Acceleration of cellular processes.GENERAL MAGNETO-THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS:Increased Blood Circulation ? Increased Oxygenation ?Cellular Acidosis Reduction ? pH Restoration ? Bones Remineralization.pH Restoratin ? Reduction of Inflammatory Processes + In-testinal Bacterial Flora Rebalancing + Strengthening of the Immune System.Decrease of Blood Pressure ? Calming Effect.

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Not cheap, but effective

Pro: ❤️ Horse may have felt the magnetic effect immediately ❤️ Inside "lining" and outer shell can be easily separated for cleaning or replacement ❤️ Even old bile become soft after just a short use ❤️ Can also be used as a transport gaiter Contra:

Therapeutic gaiters zandona

Glad of my purchase, adapt of soft medicine and co, I very much appreciate the concept of this product. I use it in addition to the daily care, as a care / prevention following a sprain / tendinitis light having left a small wheel in passing on my young 1m55 typed big pony: Size: M Good quality, solid and pretty. The "flannel" magnets seems fragile at the level of glomes, to see in time.


My mare is doing box edema quickly, with cracks as soon as she swells. I tried the socks contention, it works well but tedious to put and tears quickly if the chaval is shod. So I bought these gaiters, with hesitation given the price, but am SUPER content, puts easily and ULTRA EFFICIENT, it is not at all inflated. It's been a week, to see there time in time ...

I'm amazed

Bought because my mare is systematically box edema. With the edema She makes crevasses then lymphangitis


Guns very well Bought for tendonitis of the ball suspenser. Can not speak about efficiency because still recent But against the posteriors are much more pretty

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