Magnetic & Ice Boots

Magnetic & Ice Boots

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Horse ice boots and magnetic boots are specialist horse boots with unique functions. They provide a cooling effect or integrated magnets for magnetic therapy. There are also horse boots with ceramic or metal fibres that reflect body heat and thus provide infrared therapy.

The advantages of horse ice boots

Ice boots are designed to keep the horse's leg cool for as long as possible. They save you a lot of time and effort as they are much more comfortable to use than securing a cooling pad around the horse's leg with a bandage. For example, they are well padded and retain the coolness effect for longer. However, you should always remember not cool your horse's legs for too long.

Magnetic boots for horses

The magnets in these boots are supposed to stimulate metabolism and muscle regeneration through the body's own reaction to the magnets, as well as provide a relaxing effect. If, for example, there is inflammation or irritation in the body, magnetic boots are supposed to help it heal more quickly. Metallic or ceramic fibres are incorporated into the horse boot and reflect heat, leading to a type of infrared therapy.

What to look for in therapeutic horse boots

With therapeutic horse boots, as with all other boots, you should make sure that the size fits and that you can also adjust them to the individual horse's leg. It is important to ensure that the boots do not slip and disturb your horse, especially if they are to be worn for a longer period of time. Therapeutic horse boots should always be used in moderation and according to the manufacturer's instructions in order to achieve a positive effect.