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Travel & Stable Boots

Travel & Stable Boots

Stable and travel boots have extra thick padding and protect a large portion of the horse's legs. They help prevent injury in the trailer or stall, and can also aid healing during a period of stable rest.
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Frequently asked questions about Travel & Stable Boots

Sometimes your horse might need horse boots in the stable in order to prevent injuries or support the healing process after an injury. If your horse tends to kick itself or injure itself against the stall wall, stable boots can be useful. There are special horse boots that are designed to be worn by the horse for a long time and are easy to put on.

Horse boots that are worn in the stable also have an inner lining that is very comfortable for the horse's leg. This is designed to prevent chafing and additional injuries.

If you want to transport your horse in a trailer, you should make sure that it has good leg protection to prevent injuries. Special travel boots are available for this purpose, which extend from the coronet band of the hoof over the hocks to the carpal joints. They are especially padded in order to protect the horse from bumpy rides.

Horse travel boots are available in short or long styles, so if your horse is not used to horse boots or you only ride short distances, the short styles may be sufficient. It is also a good idea to get your horse used to the travel boots in its familiar surroundings before setting off on a trip.

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